Concepts for Temperature Regulation

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  • simulation of regulation
  • design of temperature regulation
  • close-to-the-contour, cycle-dependent and/or variother­mic temperature regulation
  • different media: air, water (up to 220°C), oil, coolant (CO2) etc.
  • HeiNo® redirection element

For obtaining a good part quality, any plastic material needs its own determined mould wall surface temperature that should be attained as homogeneously or individually and cycle-dependent as possible. In an injection moulding simulation, the temperature regulation is already being dimensioned before the tool itself has been designed. The simulation informs about the heat exchange on the tool’s surfaces and about its influences on the product during injection moulding. The temperature regulation system is designed close to the contour or cycle-dependently using either drilling, laser melting, vacuum brazing or special materials. Holes for temperature regulation should always be round and connected for forced circulation.

Avoiding hot spots using coolant