HeiNo ®

In addition to the IsoForm ® concept we developed standard elements adapted to the materials to be processed and to the intended
temperature regulation in order to allow for energy-efficient processes. The product quality and process reliability that can be achieved are characteristic for this approach that includes injection moulding simulations and tool concepts. Together with the IsoForm concept, the HeiNo ® standard elements form the basis for almost any application in mould design.
Gate, ventilation and temperature regulation elements that match the requirements will lead to a production without unnecessary maintenance or cleaning breaks and thus to considerable savings regarding time and energy.

The HeiNo ® standard elements are protected against imitation and can be ordered from Nonnenmann .

Feed gates

Depending on the material to be processed the feed gate needs to be designed with at a low pressure or with low shear, with controlled shearing, dead runner, balancing etc. in order to ensure a process-reliable production without part failure. Frequently, the formation of streaks, vacuoles or air traps and an inadequate surface structure of the part are pre-determined at this point. Here, we present two variants of the HeiNo® tunnel gate.

tunnel gate for low shear                                                 tunnel gate with overflow ventilation

Brochure IsoForm® 01/2017