Injection Moulding Simulation

An injection moulding simulation shows filling and cooling (thermoplastics) or cross-linking (silicone / rubber) while including the influence of the tool (e.g. temperature regulation and feed situation) – before the tool has actually been designed. Qualified simulation and expert interpretation of results allow for recognising possible defects of the moulded part at an early stage thus providing the basis for parts optimisation. The results will again be verified by further simulations or FEM analysis.

We simulate:

  • filling
  • shrinkage and warpage
  • tool temperature regulation
  • feed situation
  • packing pressure profile
  • process parameters
  • definition of different media and materials
  • inserts / moulding around

We analyse:

  • warpage
  • cycle time
  • clamping force
  • part defects
  • injection pressure on core(s)
  • identifiable potential for optimisation
  • planning and calculation