Parts Optimisation

On the basis of the results from the injection moulding simulation of the ACTUAL state the part can now be optimised
Using sectional views and illustrations we devise suggestions for parts optimisation, feed design and temperature regulation. These will then be implemented in defferent ways and verified using further simulations or FEM analysis.

Our offer

  • process optimisation
  • optimisation of geometry, material, flow behaviour, feed, packing pressure etc.
  • temperature regulation close to the contour
  • separate inserts against hot spots
  • separations for ventilation
  • negative correction
  • alternative production technologies

Your benefit

  • reduced cycle time
  • better part quality
  • faster project cycle
  • larger process window
  • reduced warpage, improved compensation of shrinkage and wall thickness relations
  • less part defects

After optimisation, the following results could be obtained in co-operation with the customer for the parts shown to the left and right:

warpage reduced by approx. 70 %
weight reduced by approx. 15 %
cycle time reduced by approx. 70 %